Choosing Garden Fencing That Best Meets Your Needs

Whether you’re seeking privacy or want to keep unwanted animals out of your garden, garden fencing is the answer. With the wide range of materials and styles, you’ll have plenty of options in choosing your garden fencing. Here are three things to consider hirein.

Identify the purpose the garden fencing will serve: Are you looking for privacy? Do you want to fence in a portion of your property so people can’t see in? Do you need garden fencing that will keep animals or little children away? Perhaps you own an in ground pool and you’re concerned about kids sneaking over to use it. Or is the purpose of your garden fencing to simply provide a special look for your garden?

Determine a budget: Once you know the purpose for installing garden fencing, you need to figure out the costs. Will you be installing the fencing yourself or hiring someone to do it? Itemize all of the necessary materials. Determine if you’ll need to rent any special equipment to help with the installation. If you’re hiring someone, be sure to get at least two or three quotes.

Select your material and style: Wrought iron fencing works well if you’re looking for security or want to give your property a nice appearance. Children won’t be able to climb the fence. Picket fencing provides a nice appearance as well. Picket fencing lacks privacy and doesn’t offer much security. Usually picket fencing ranges in heights of three feet to six feet. The fencing can be made of panels that you attach to posts or actual individual pieces. Picket fences can be topped with round, chisel or square tops.

Panel fencing will provide the most privacy: Pre-fabricated fence panels are six feet wide and vary in height. The panels come in several decorative styles and usually are lightweight, so if security is a need, then panel fencing might not be the best option. Close board fencing offers both a high level of security and privacy. Boards are vertically overlapped along the horizontal boards. It would be difficult for an animal or person to climb up and over the fence.